How to Send Cargo Turkey to America?

How to send cargo to America? We frequently receive this question from our customers. As we are in the age of technology, our customers first search for it via Google when they need to ship abroad. Of course, they have a lot of options. One of the first features that our customers should look at is the reliability of the logistics company that will send. Another feature is that it has the option to deliver the fastest cargo. As TURKEY CARGO, we provide all these features to our customers. If you want to make your international cargo transactions reliably, you can contact us.


Cargo is frequently sent to America by our customers. As TURKEY CARGO, we offer our customers many options in this regard in order to respond to the needs and demands of our customers in the best way possible. As a company, our first priority is always to ensure customer satisfaction. For this reason, we continue to work meticulously by listening to the demands of our customers in an interactive way. We are improving ourselves day by day thanks to the feedback we receive from our customers. We continue to provide our customers with the latest model services by following the latest technological agendas. If you want to benefit from the fastest cargo operations, you can reach TURKEY CARGO.


TURKEY CARGO America Our Services

As a company, we serve our customers in a wide range and range. We deliver our services to Europe, America and 220 countries in the fastest way possible. How do we do international shipping? This question is among the most frequently asked questions to us by our customers. One of the most important features that distinguishes our logistics company from other logistics companies is that we provide a wide range of services. We provide the fastest and most reliable way to deliver international cargo via air, land and sea. What are your security measures? This question is often asked to us by our customers. As a company, it is very important for us that our customers trust us. For this reason, we continue to work meticulously for you with our expert team. During shipping, we provide insurance for your shipments by our company. We insure the products you have sent for products up to 100 USD. In this way, in case of any damage to the cargo you have sent during shipping, this damage is covered by our company. If the cargo you have sent has a value of more than 100 USD, you must notify our company. In this way, a separate insurance transaction will be made for this. The cargo you have sent is safe with us. If you want to send tiles in the safest and fastest way, you can contact us.

We provide our customers with many options for the cargoes you will send to the USA. The first of these options is express shipping. When you contact us for this cargo process, your cargo will be delivered to your door by our courier. Then, the procedures will be started to go to America. It is delivered to the buyer in 1-2 business days. This express cargo option is a frequently preferred option for urgent international cargo operations. If you need to send your shipment to America very urgently, you can choose our express shipping option. In addition, with this option, you will not have to get tired at all. Our courier will pick up your cargo at your door. If you are wondering about the status of the shipment, you can visit our website and learn the status of your shipment from the shipment tracking process. One of the reasons why we are the best logistics company is that we love to do our job with our vast experience and expert staff. If you want to have the fastest shipping abroad, you can contact us. Also, if you want to contact us, you can contact us by phone or e-mail. If your cargo is not urgent and you want to make shipments at more affordable prices, you can choose our economic package. What is this economical package? This economical package actually has the same features as the express service in general. Again, your cargo will be delivered from the door by our courier. It leaves for America to be delivered to the address of the buyer. Again, our customers do not need to get tired for these processes. With just one click, you can access these transactions comfortably and easily. What is the difference between these two options? There are two differences between these two options. The first of these differences may be flexibility, such as an extra 1-2 business days in the delivery time. Our customers can choose this option for their non-urgent cargo. Another difference is the price difference between them. Our economic package is more affordable than express shipping. Again, you can follow this shipment by coming to our website and using the shipment tracking button.

Shipping Prices to America

One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers and the one that we receive the most calls from is the price issue. We do not have the opportunity to give a clear price to our customers in this regard. Because the price issue varies according to some factors. For example, the price changes according to the selected shipping type. Or, depending on the volume of the product sent, the price also changes. If you want to have clear information on this subject, you can contact our customer service. As the fastest cargo and most reliable logistics company, TURKEY CARGO provides you the best service without sacrificing quality. Contact us to take advantage of these best services.

Usd price list

Up the 30 kg per kg 8 usd

Less than 30 kg price list

0,5 24,32
1 26,49
1,5 30,51
2 38,22
2,5 47,78
3 57,33
3,5 68,73
4 80,13
4,5 91,53
5 102,93
5,5 104,61
6 110,25
6,5 115,89
7 119,75
7,5 123,61
8 125,7
8,5 129,56
9 133,43
9,5 135,51
10 137,6
11 134,4
12 136,7
13 139,01
14 144,72
15 150,43
16 156,14
17 161,86
18 169,27
19 174,98
20 182,4
21 186,65
22 197,3
23 209,62
24 220,26
25 230,9
26 235,41
27 243,64
28 248,49
29 253,21
30 256,23


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