International Road Transport In today’s world, where the classical understanding of transportation has left its place to the concept of logistics; We provide Export, Import and Transit International Road Transport services in European and Balkan Countries with our professional transportation approach, with a self-owned vehicle fleet that reaches a structure of 100 vehicles with awning and refrigerated in accordance with EU norms.

We fulfill the mission we have undertaken by giving importance to ethical values ​​with our professional staff who know the customs laws of all the countries we transport, and we reinforce the trust we have gained for you with our experience.

Our Vehicle Fleet is monitored 24 hours a day by the satellite tracking system, and instant information is given to our customers about the location of their cargo. All of the loads we carry are covered by CMR Insurance. We continue on our way with you, with our value-added services at the right place on time, as we promised by keeping the trust we provide and customer satisfaction in the foreground.

We have adopted the principle of using modern vehicles with superior technological features in EURO III and EURO V standards in transportation activities, and we provide more environmentally friendly, safer and more economical services in accordance with the European Union Green and Safe TIR standards by rejuvenating our fleet every year.