Turkey Cargo – Cargo Service to 220 Countries

TURKEY CARGO 220 is the best logistics company in its field, providing cargo services to the country. We have many features that make us the best among logistics companies. The first of these features is that we provide service to our customers in a wide location. It is among our most important features that make us stand out among other logistics companies. As a logistics company, we provide shipping to 220 countries. We provide shipping to America and other countries, especially to many European countries. Another feature of us as a company is that we make the fastest shipping as the best in its field. We deliver your cargo to European countries in a short time like 1 business day, and to America in 1-2 business days. As TURKEY CARGO, another feature that makes us the best is that we provide a wide range of services. As a company, we have different service areas for the needs of our customers. Our customers can choose the most suitable option for them from these options.


As a company, we provide a wide range of services. This is loved by our customers. As a company, our first priority is always to provide customer satisfaction. For this reason, we work meticulously for you with our expert team. Thanks to the feedback we receive from our customers, we are improving ourselves day by day. For this reason, we are in interactive communication with our customers. If you want your shipments to reach safely, you can contact us, which is the best in the field of logistics.

Our services are advancing in a wide range. We deliver your shipments to the recipient in the fastest way by land, air and seaway. We also have door-to-door pick-up service. In this way, your cargo meets the recipient safely without getting tired. We always follow the latest technological developments for our customers and add new developments quickly to our service areas. In this way, we provide you with the opportunity to provide the best services. With TURKEY CARGO, which is the best in its field, you can benefit from the fastest cargo opportunity. In addition, another good opportunity we provide for our customers is the insurance process. In this way, you can send your shipments more securely.

TURKEY CARGO Service Areas

The needs and demands of each of our customers are different. We are working meticulously for you with our team, who are experts in the field, in order to listen to the demands of our customers carefully and respond to their needs in the best way possible. We provide a wide range of services in order to best respond to the demands of our customers. These service areas differ according to the service you choose. If you want to send a very urgent shipment quickly, you can use our express service. What is express service? With express service, we take your shipment from your door and deliver it to the recipient as soon as possible. Usually, our customers use this option for shipments that need to arrive very urgently. We provide 1 business day delivery to European countries and 1-2 business days to America. One of the reasons why we are chosen among other logistics companies by our customers is the service we provide. In addition, as a company, we provide insurance for our customers to safely deliver their products to us. Thanks to our insurance process, your products are safe with us. Our insurance principle is valid for products up to 100 USD. If the product you are sending is more than this value, you can request insurance by contacting our customer service. If you want to reach our customer service, there are two options for this. The first of these options, you can reach us over the phone. Alternatively, you can write to us via e-mail. Our expert team will respond to your requests quickly and easily.
Another service area that is frequently preferred by our customers is the service we provide in the field of e-commerce. What is e-commerce service? This service is frequently asked by our customers. In our e-commerce service, we provide the shipment of products that our customers have sold over the internet. In order to provide our customers with the best opportunities, we take your products to be sent from your door and send them to the buyer. In addition, we have extra applications for our customers who experience shipment density. Thanks to API integration, we facilitate operational processes. We provide the best logistics services by taking the heavy workload of our busy customers from their superiors. Another service area that is most frequently preferred by our customers is the service we provide by highways. Thanks to this service, we offer you the best price promises. If you have products that are not urgent to be shipped, you can send them with our road service at the most affordable prices. You can contact our customer service to have more detailed information on this subject.

TURKEY CARGO Price Information

Another issue frequently asked by our customers is price information. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to give a standard price information to our customers regarding this issue. If our customers want to learn about shipping prices, they can have detailed information about this subject by calling our customer service. As a logistics company, we continue to work meticulously in order to provide you with the best service by improving ourselves day by day. If you want to work with a logistics company that is the best in its field, you can benefit from these quality services by contacting TURKEY CARGO.


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