Turkey Cargo Water Well Activity

Turkish Red Crescent aims to implement water well projects with the principles of multi-faceted benefits and sustainability. In regions where water wells will be drilled in this manner, qualified (deep) water wells are preferred instead of manual (pumpkin) water wells. Qualified Water Wells Our high-deep water wells work with electrical energy (solar panel, generator, electricity from the grid) and bring many socio-economic benefits as well as health benefits.



The main benefits of our water wells are as xfollows:

We provide access to clean water with boreholes that can reach the depths of the water.

With the electric motor (solar) system we use instead of a pump, we can reach water in a simple, comfortable and fast way and save time.

We store water according to the tank volume and ensure continuity in access to clean water.

In addition to the benefits we provide to people, we also contribute to animal husbandry and farming.

We build water wells that are not quickly polluted, unaffected by dry seasons and are long-lasting.

With the multi-tap system, we offer the opportunity to benefit from clean water to more than one person at the same time, and we also provide clean water to large populated settlements.

In addition to supplying drinking water with our water wells, we also provide opportunities for daily consumption (washing, cleaning, personal care).

In the use of manual water wells, an average of 20 liters can be filled in 15-20 minutes depending on muscle strength. Qualified water wells, by minimizing the time spent at the well;

It saves beneficiaries from the hassle of waiting for hours under the sun.

It allows people coming from long distances to finish their work quickly.

It gives individuals who waste their time in the water queue more time to participate in production.

It prevents the disruption of education and social life due to the time lost at the well.





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