Turkey To Canada Cargo Shipping

  • In the modern age, it’s not difficult to send a parcel out to Canada, what is difficult is the management of the cargo within your busy schedule. It’s nearly impossible to track where your cargo is, what process it is currently in, when it can be delivered and what do to if it gets stuck in customs for example.

    Turkey Cargo is here to ease all those worries, and in this article we will be sharing with you all the details on how to send cargo to Canada from Turkey! Turkey Cargo is able to send parcels to Canada from Turkey using roadways, sea freight and railroad cargo but the most frequently preferred method is air freight.

    Turkey Cargo uses Express Currier and Airways Export as the two methods to send airway cargo. Which companies are used to send parcels from Turkey to Canada? Which items can we send? How does the process function with customs? Is there a limitation of sending, if so, what is it? How does the packaging affect the price and volume the calculations are made? You can find answers to these questions and many more with this article.


The Process of Sending Cargo to Canada From Turkey

With the Express Currier method, you can send your parcels with the globally acknowledged brands such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT in a safe and speedy manner. You can use this method for smaller parcels when sending cargo to Canada from Turkey.

For Airways Export method, we are able to send parcels using Turkish Airlines which are also globally recognized with their wide flight fleet and ability to deliver to 127 countries and more than 320 destinations! You can use this method for larger parcels when sending cargo to Canada from Turkey.

Which Items Can Be Shipped from Turkey to Canada?

With Turkey Cargo, you can send a huge variety of products approved by IATA and other competent authorities and prepared according to the shipment rules! You can send textile goods, food, electrical and technological devices, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, and so much more to Canada from Turkey in a safe and fast fashion! Most commonly sent items to Canada from Turkey are textile products!

As Turkey Cargo we are also able to send you branded or replica products safely! We are even able to send firearms, funerals and animals.

Customs Processes When Sending Cargo to Canada from Turkey

With Turkey Cargo, during the delivery of cargo from Turkey to the Canada by Express Courier method, the product is guaranteed by us when it leaves Turkey, customs clearance procedures are also carried out and you will not be charged extra for these transactions. You should only cover the customs fee required by the government in the Canada from your side.

With the Airways Export method, there is an extra 130$ bill of lading fee and an inland shipping fee of 400 to 1000 TRY for shipping cargo to Canada from Turkey. The customs service consultancy is a service we offer through our consultancy company for those who do not have an export expert within their company, and the price for this consultancy service is 500 TRY.

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Volume Calculation

While calculating the volume of your cargo for shipping cargo to Canada from Turkey, either its weight in kilograms or its volumetric weight (desi) is taken into account. After this calculation, it is determined how much your cargo will cost to reach Canada. The higher number (kilogram or desi) is always taken into account while calculation pricing.

The pricing is calculated as follows:

With the Express Courier method: Width * Length * Height / 5000

Example: 60 x 40 x 50 = 120.000 / 5000 = 24 Volume kilograms

With the Airline Export method: Width * Length * Height / 6000

Example: 60 x 40 x 50 = 120.000 / 6000 = 20 Volume kilograms

Desi calculation is made according to the size of the parcel to where the shipment will be sent. To simply put it: The larger the parcel, the higher the shipping fee, and the smaller the parcel, the lower the shipping fee. For this reason, sending the lightest product in the smallest boxes is the first condition of sending cargo from Turkey to the Canada with the most reasonable shipping fee.



How Much Does It Cost To Send Cargo To Canada From Turkey

The pricing for shipments made from Turkey to Canada is calculated depending on the weight and the prices are determined in Euros. For example, a parcel what weighs

1 kg costs 30 Euros to ship out.

10 kg parcel costs 100 Euros to be shipped to Canada

20 kg parcel costs 160 Euros to be shipped to Canada

30 kg parcel costs 180 Euros.

For parcels over the 30 kg park, the price comes down to 6 Euros per kg.

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