Turkish Cargo Price List 2022 – 2023

THY air cargo kg price has been updated as of 01.02.2022. As you know, in the calculation of air cargo charges; Criteria are taken into account according to the type, size, urgency, point of departure, destination, date of loading and sensitivities of the cargo to be transported.

If we open the issue of THY air cargo price calculation a little more, since 1 kg of cotton and 1 kg of iron do not occupy the same area, cotton can be transported more expensively. A non-stackable product (on which cargo should not be placed) will be more costly than a boxed product or a boxed product. Cargoes that exceed 160 centimeters in height or 300 centimeters in length will still incur extra costs.

Cold chain products or perishable products are more costly than the cargoes we call dry cargo, which do not have any requirements.
In order to learn the cost of the cargo, the basic questions are from where to where, how many containers and how many kilograms of cargo, the type of material, the date of readiness of the cargo must be clarified.

THY General cargo fee list:

The most frequently used cargo price list is THY general cargo price list. In short, cargoes that do not have a special condition are included in this class. This is the list of the cheapest THY Cargo prices.
THY cargo fees and other special cargo price lists are as follows.

THY perishable cargo fee list:

THY cargo charges Especially food and medicine transportations fall into this category. Frozen foods should be kept at -18°C, fresh foods should be kept at +2/+8°C. Products that need to be protected at 15-25 C degrees are kept at these temperatures, especially at the point of departure and destination. Dry foods that are not heat sensitive can be accepted in the general cargo class.
Cold chain cargo transportation is also considered in the category of perishable cargo. Prices are higher than the general shipping price list. Thy can sometimes give discounted prices to exporters in the context of incentives. In this way, records were broken especially in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables.

THY dangerous goods fee list:
Whether a cargo is dangerous or not is understood by MSDS (Material safety data sheet). Section 14 of an up-to-date MSDS form is particularly important. The class in transportation is clearly written in this digit. If not, the airline officer decides whether the cargo is dangerous or not with different criteria. When a cargo is evaluated in the dangerous goods class, its packaging also becomes important and may create extra costs. In addition, an extra cost of at least 50 USD will be incurred due to the acceptance of dangerous goods with the RAC code on the bill of lading, that is, the air cargo bill. Dangerous goods cargo prices are higher than general cargo.

TK + or TK Plus fee list:

THY TK plus prices are effective for urgent cargoes that race against time. You can protect your seat on the plane with the TK Plus service. So you buy priority on the plane. In an undesirable situation, you may have prevented your cargo from being unloaded from the aircraft. If timing is important to you, I suggest you consider this option. Of course, TK Plus prices are higher than general shipping prices.

THY perishable cargo tk plus fee list:

Cargoes that will be protected according to heat sensitivity due to the content of the material to be transported and that should never get off the plane should use this price list. Perishable cargoes have priority, TK plus cargoes also have priority. This class will keep your cargo on board at maximum level. The price goes up in order of priority.

THY dangerous goods cargo tk plus fee list:

Due to the content of the material to be transported, it is in the position of dangerous goods and cargoes that should definitely not get off the plane should use this price list. Dangerous goods cargoes have priority, TK plus cargoes also have priority. This class will keep your cargo on board at maximum level. The price goes up in order of priority.

In addition, THY live animal cargo, diplomatic cargo and THY funeral cargo prices are also available.

IIn addition, companies that deliver door-to-door parcels, packages and documents such as air cargo, namely Fedex, DHL, Ups, Tnt, Aramex, and shipments with a limit of 300 kg per bill of lading and 15.000 euro invoice value of up to 15 thousand Euros for air shipments departing from Turkey, without the need for customs clearance. It can be sent by courier declaration. You only need to prepare a proforma. Pick up, export customs fees including. You can ask a question for detailed information request.

In Airplane Courier calculation, the so-called volume weight, that is, the area covered by the cargo is very important. 1m3 of cargo is equivalent to 200 kilograms. In other words, your cargo may be very light, but especially products such as textiles take up a lot of space.
Customs clearance must be done in your air export cargo shipments. 1m3 of cargo takes up 167 kilograms.
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International air cargo prices
Shipments between 0-50 Kilograms will be more economical as air courier. Because there is no customs clearance cost. Although the unit cost is high, it is a great advantage not to spend money on the customs of Turkey. Door-to-door service is also provided.


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